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Jacek Polak was born in Krakow in 1957. A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Technical University of Krakow. From 1988-92 he lived and worked in the United States, exhibiting his work in the galleries of  Washington, Baltimore and San Francisco.

By the end of 1992 he had moved to Stockholm, where he continued to pursue his artistic endeavours. During his stay in Sweden he co-operated with many Scandinavian galleries and institutions which promote the arts. In 1998 he was one of co-founders of a new Stockholm Gallery, Abante, which represented the work of Swedish and Polish artists.

He returned to his native Krakow in 2002, renewing his previous artistic contacts. The artists preferred media are water-colour and oil, his favourite themes being landscape ancient architecture and forgotten places – he rarely paints still life or portraits. His paintings renowned for their particulary reflective ambience, for a warm, colourful impression are found in many collections, both in Poland and abroad.

Individual Expositions

1987 The A  Gallery Kraków
1988 The Old Warsaw Gallery Washington
1989 The Regency Art Gallery Baltimore
1992 The Marin Price Gallery Washington
1994 The Imagolit Gallery Stockholm
1995 The Micro Gallery Stockholm
1997 The Huset Vid An Gallery Falun
1998 The Abante Gallery Stockholm
2000 The Abante Gallery Stockholm
2002 The Abante Gallery Stockholm
2005 The Abante Gallery Stockholm
2007 Kraków Historical Museum Kraków
2009 Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury Kraków

Collective Expositions

1991 The Elizabeth Nash Gallery Washington
1993 The Marin Price Gallery Washington
1996 The Bellman Gallery Stockholm
1997 The Beckman Gallery Stockholm
1999 The Vasby Konsthall Upplands Vasby
2001 The Art Fair Stockholm

Most imoportant expositions organised in companies

1995 Folksam, Digittal
1996 Simens, Volvo, Alfa Laval
1997 Kodak, SPP
1998 Ericsson Component
1999 Volvo

Most important private art collections

Margaret Kennedy USA
Tom McClaren USA


The artist is represented in the catalogue of Art in America magazine 1993 magazine and the Lexicon of Swedish Artists.

Jacek Polak Art Gallery